Through My Father’s Eyes Death, Loss, Tragedy & Triumph (Upcoming Book Excerpt)

When 40% of the U.S. prison population is comprised of African American men who represent 10% of the general U.S. population, it begs the question how does the absence of these men impact their offspring. In his upcoming book, Gary L. Garris moves away from corporate coaching and advice and uses his personal experiences to reach young men with absentee fathers who are struggling to find traction in realizing the fruits of the American dream. The following is an excerpt from his upcoming book…

…Resilience is a relative word. For some of us, we can move on from loss better than others. Some people bury their love ones and then they move on, some of us have father’s who opted out and walked away, and still others visit a gravesite with a ritualistic fervor as a way of holding on and remembering those dad’s that are gone. I never understood why the latter applied to me but there I would stand at my father’s gravesite many times wondering what could have been if he was here. Maybe life would have been easier. Who really knows, maybe it would have been worse.

I struggled for years to understand the loss of my dad. Filled with anger and an insurmountable level of grief, I did not understand why he could not be saved. My journey has been a difficult one and I have suffered greatly in the process.

Compounded by my own childhood health challenges and a sense of abandonment, I held onto limited memories of him and fought to find a way to make his life meaningful through my actions. Now, it’s no longer a matter of hoping whether or not my dad would have been proud of me, but rather, whether or not my boys will learn to see the world through their father’s eyes…

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