Come on Rutgers! – I Want My Tuition Back


No room for abuse or homophobic slurs period, end of story.  A potential basketball win should not require a school to sacrifice a message of tolerance and inclusion in all that it does.  It is shocking that after an initial review of the situation, Rutgers officials allowed head coach Rice to remain in the position. 

Bullies are cowards.  They hide behind a false sense of power that can only be persisted through intimidation, fear and silence.  A spot on the bench should never require a student to subject himself to this kind of behavior. 

The pressure to win does not start and end with the head coaching position.  The Athletic Director and the President of the University need to be at the forefront of ensuring that this can never happen again. 

Hey! coach Rice I live right down the street and I don’t have a basketball scholarship to keep me in check.   Come throw your basketball at me.

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