A Great Legacy – Check Out the Movie 42 This Week

Plenty of life lessons in this movie.  I was fortunate to meet Jackie Robinson’s widow as a young child and I grew up in Paterson, NJ where the 2nd “Negro” to enter the Majors, Larry Doby, was also a tremendous source of pride.  As I remind my two boys who play the game and are pretty good at it, baseball is more than a sport.   It symbolizes what our country is all about, working together for a common cause and overcoming challenges in the pursuit of excellence.

If you actually see this remake, I suggest you log into Netflix and see the original movie which starred Jackie Robinson. We have a come a long way as a country because people like Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson had the courage to step up and stand for something.  “Jackie, you must have the courage not to fight back.” “What if someone hits you on the cheek Jackie, what will you do then?” “Well, Mr. Rickey I have another cheek”.

Many thanks to Jackie Robinson for staying strong in the face of tremendous adversity and thanks to Mrs. Rachel Robinson for keeping his legacy alive with the new Jackie Robinson Museum in Manhattan.   Two great American men.  Let’s keep moving forward America.

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