Too Ambitious, Failed Execution, Wrong Headed Business Decisions or Poor Timing

businessfailureLooking back on some of your projects and work experiences that didn’t go well how would you classify the biggest driver(s) that contributed to failure?   I’ll go first.

1) Trying to build a consolidated administrative platform with dynamic workflow using forms technology.  It didn’t work when an insurer attempted it in the 90s and a variation on that theme proves challenging with other insurers in the new millenium.

2) The belief that we (an insurance company) could really take a portion of a business and spinoff an IPO during the Clinton years via a flavor of the month dot com strategy.

3)   The concept of managed disability integrating workers comp, short term disability and LTD into a product that would revolutionize the industry.

4) Adopting practices to compete directly with a competitor’s pricing scheme only to find out through consumer lawsuits that their profitability was driven by unfair claim practices.

5) Outsourcing the kitchen sink and then realizing that the costing model started shifting once a level of dependency was established on said services.

6) Long Term Care – Need I say more!

7) Bailed out by the government, saying thanks to America in a major campaign launch and then considering a multi billion dollar lawsuit against said government.

Maybe all of the above for my seven which are in reverse order.  I saved the best one for last.


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