I Didn’t Quit the Job, the Job Quit Me

jobquitmeEveryone has limits, we all do, and the important point is to know what they are and to ensure that you don’t extend beyond them. Adversity can be uplifting when you get through the hurdles and pitfalls but the key is that you have to get through them first. I have always adhered to one singular decision point when it came to deciding whether or not to leave a job and that was whether or not the job quit me first. Did the description of what was asked so different from my understanding that it really was not a good fit; Or am I being asked to participate in behavior that I deem unethical; and finally, are the requirements of the job impacting who I am as an individual?

As much as I would love to emulate the best of the best of my colleagues I know that my strengths lie in me just being Gary. So when you find yourself on the fence deciding how much you can tolerate, take a second look at your situation and make moves that help you get your power back. Quitting the job is not always the right answer but sitting and taking it is no answer at all. So get up make some moves and go get your power back.

Categories: Motivational

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