My Work Bucket List Top 10


1) Work for every major insurance company in the Northeast

2) Save enough money so that I no longer have to work at all these companies

3)  Outrank the highest ranking boss I ever had (smile)

4)  Drink as much company paid coffee as humanly possibly

5) Find an admin assistant who will let me take some supplies home for personal use

6) Write three books about work stuff

7) Try not to actually kick the bucket while at work

8) Leave a job without my boss getting pissed off (is number 7 the only way?)

9) Turnover all my templates, documents and tools ever created to anyone who is insane enough to want them

10) Donate the equivalent of 1 year’s average earnings to scholarships aimed at helping kid’s from the hood get a shot at their own work bucket list.   




Categories: Motivational

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