The Greatest Game Ever Played

It was 1976 and it was the football game to end all games. It was raining and the field was soggy. Our team was ahead by a touchdown. The other team was driving down the field. The guys in the crew always protected me. A double hip fracture, cortisone injections and 2 summers in a full body cast should have convinced me not to be on that field playing football. But the guys always kept me out of danger handing me the ball and forming a wall of protection and yelling to slide down when that wall was about to break and a hard tackle was imminent.

I played in the backfield on defense to avoid any danger but this time my team could not protect me the runner broke through and I stood between the runner and a touchdown. I heard the toughest biggest baddest dude on the team yell, “Gary do not let him get through”. I was afraid, everything slowed down with mud and water flying all over the place. I caught up to the runner, I reached out grabbed him and we both fell sliding in all the muck. I heard my team screaming, I stopped him from scoring. They ran down the field picked me up and those guys made me feel great all the way home.

I learned then that having a team that has your back makes you better in all that you do and while the prospect of a third fracture would have been devestating, I walked off that field knowing that I was part of the greatest game ever played.

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