The Greatest

So there I lay in a hospital bed after a double hip fracture, multiple cortisone injections and surgeries to beat back a bone disease.  Two six week stints in a full blown body cast left a young boy in a terrible state.

Then one day my step dad came into the hospital with a book.  The title of that book was The Greatest and I think most people know who that book was about.  From that moment on I stop seeing myself as a victim.

I found inspiration in Muhammad Ali’s story.  His ability to to will himself to victory and his willingness to sacrifice personal gain  in following his religious convictions.

As I learned how to walk again I leaned on his story.  It was my crutch until I learned how to walk on my own  As I got up today reeling from a pain not felt since those long days in a hospital, I am reminded of the many heroes in my life and Ali is certainly one of them.

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