High Performing Support Group

I just came from my high performing employee support group meeting. We are a downtrodden group of folks. So focused are we on helping move the pendulum forward that we will tolerate almost any slight that takes place if it advances the cause of delivering value.

We make our mark on the world by demonstrating new things to organizations in need of our services. We help associates succeed because we are hired guns. Quick to adapt, fast to execute and smart enough to know how to win.

Our reward is knowing that we moved the bar in the right direction leaving others with a set of knowledge and skills that extends the capability of the organization. We do these things not for money, rank, credit or title for we know that such things are fleeting. We do it for the pure benefit of knowing that we made a difference.

That we leave these organizations/departments/associates a little bit better than before. While such things at times can be lonely for a traveling nomad, we make these sacrifices because we enjoy the chase. A quest to improve things that are broken. If you think like we do, then join us and help change the world. One deck, one tool, one process at a time:)

Categories: Motivational