IT Organizations Just Don’t Get IT

I trust that you got the pun in the heading of this post but if you work in the technology field, maybe not.  First you should know that I am a business guy pretending to be an IT guy who is pretending to be a business guy.

Our business counterparts love to complain about IT and I think to some extent they are justified in doing so.  We are too slow inflexible and can come across like the Grinch who stole the firewall.

We have to stop wasting time locking everything down and find a way to be customer centric and facing.  I get it, the business can drive you nuts with on the fly requests and pseudo technical analysis that makes my uncle’s armchair quarterbacking pale in comparison.

We spend too much time arguing the merits of some utopic methodology rooted in impractical scenarios that are simply not possible.  You can get the business to sign off in triplicate and it still won’t matter when scope changes.

We have to man up and for those shops with women (not enough if you ask me) we need to woman up and stop playing defense.  Try  some prototyping and stop saying no within the first 30 minutes of the conversation.

Make the business part of the solution by being inclusive don’t take the order go build the widget and bring it back and find that it’s not shiny enough.  Do what Willy Wonka did, invite them into the factory so that they can see that the request for a “simple” screen update takes three oooompa looompas  and not one.

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