Langston and My Friends


What happens to a dream deferred does it fly away like that caged bird or does it hide behind enclosed walls with the loudest of heartbeats till its dreamer falls.

What becomes of a dream unseen even when looked upon by an eye with the bluest of sheen.  Does it fade away like an invisible man or does sunlight give way to the beauty of a purple hue.

Will that dream dry up like a raisin in the sun or will those warm rays stir the souls of black folk for a new day begun.  Or will my dream simply die when I close these hazel eyes.

The greatest of dreams are those that make men better dreamt by a dreamer from a Birmingham cell and gifted in a letter.  My dream I hope will stay for awhile for I know my courage to persevere reflects my true profile.

Like that old man river in the deepest of baritone I know my dream means somethin’ even when the world tells me I ain’t nothin’.


Categories: Motivational