Stick and Move


“Everybody has a plan until they are punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

So things didn’t go as expected, they seldom do and if you want to make it to the next round you will have to first protect yourself, then you have to jab back.

Start by sizing up your situation.  Find out what you are doing incorrectly and modify your actions. The world ain’t against you so don’t waste time going down that path feeling sorry for yourself.

If you are simply getting beat outright then try the rope a dope.  Step back deflect the punches and let your opponent tire out.   You will get your shot if you have prepared yourself, just be patient.

Whether it’s school or work or something personal always try to take a step back before reacting.  You don’t need a first round knockout to win and a loss occurs only if you didn’t learn something in defeat.    I hear the bell ringing so get your hands up get out there and stick and move and let’s get it done.

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