No More Internet


If I have one message for our young students out there who are growing up completely immersed in social media, reality TV and a whole lot of web surfing it would be – wake the hell up.  Don’t let the internet lull you into a coma.  There are absolutely a lot of benefits to leveraging the good old web for some research or quick insight into a business or a personal challenge but don’t make the mistake of thinking you know your stuff because you “found” the answer.

There still is some value to actually learning through doing and asking.   You just might be in a position to actually extend beyond the conventional solutions that you find on the net and who knows maybe you can come up with a new idea or two.  I hope that ingenuity does not become synonymous with just an app or website.   I fear that the internet has turned most white-collar jobs into an assembly line of copycat  lackluster implementations of what has already been done before.

What if your company disabled the web for a month? What would happen? Hosted applications would not be available, you couldn’t share your screen to present, and most of us would have some challenge with getting e-mail updates.  Not to mention bloggers would feel completely abandoned and alone in the world.  Well, when I think about the lives of us bloggers,  we all would probably be ok.

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