Amazing Grace


On my great train ride across this country I was reminded of her majesty, diversity and people.  A long journey full of stops and encounters that was food for my soul as I sought out a small miracle from God.   6,000 miles by railway and car I traveled praying for yet another intervention from a God who owes me nothing but has given me everything.  In my pursuit of yet another favor, a side deal with God to help save the day I was reminded that some miracles are only possible when we initiate change.

As I looked out that window with plenty of time to reflect, I came to understand what I needed to do to help create the miracle that I sought.   I realized that I needed to soften my heart to things not understood.  It has been a difficult year for me and my family and that inner voice reminded me that all my prayers during that time was either a request to change other people or assistance in helping me deal with the challenges that life threw my way.  Not one single time did I require anything of me.

I got it God!  As I sit here on Easter Day, I am still amazed at how your unwavering love comes to me in ways least expected but at times when it is so desperately needed. So amazing is the grace of thee.

Categories: Motivational