Rutgers Class of 2014 Congratulations!!!

Commencement at Rutgers today. What a beautiful day to close a chapter and open a new one for our alums. I remember that day oh so well. The happiness and the sort of now what feelings that came with that day. Congratulations and welcome to the club. Nothing worth having is without struggle for the moment that the prize is achieved you will realize that the sum of the parts that it took to get there is worth way more than the prize itself.

So to some of our young people who may find that these opportunities may not come easily, know too that such rewards await you when you focus on lofty objectives and goals and back that up with hard effort and results. Dream big and become the first of everything in your family. Be the one that sets the bar for future generations so that they can see your shining example and know that there is a path to a better outcome.

To all of our Rutgers grads remember this day, thank mom, dad, sis and bro but above all else give yourself the credit you deserve for hanging in there and getting it done. Now, go out there and change the world.

Categories: Motivational