LeBron James’ Decision to Return Shows Growth and Maturity


While I do not like LeBron’s hard driving style of play as a basketball player, after all I am a loyal Lakers (finesse team) fan, I have come to admire his ability to be self reflective and demonstrate through his actions that there are some things that are truly bigger than the game of basketball.   His return to Cleveland exemplifies the struggle associated with success when coming from a place of hopelessness, poverty and indifference as it relates to how some of our young people see their current situations.  In short order, we need more men who “made it” to go home and get involved in communities that desperately need our help.

Call it what you want but the guilt, sadness, frustration or anger that comes with the notion that you found a way to a  better outcome that still remains elusive for so many others is difficult to manage at times.  A visit to my hometown this weekend, where a 12 year old girl recently lost her life because a thug found a false sense of manhood in the ability to squeeze a trigger with reckless abandon, brought back memories of my brother.  Too many lives cut short because we are still challenged with the hardest of tasks for it takes great courage to do the hard thing; admit to the proclivity of some to do the wrong thing; and insist on something better for ourselves.

Our young men, our women and our babies deserve better.   Let’s go home and help.

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