Marketing Mistakes that Hurt Product Launches

The following, not in order of importance, reflect some product development opportunities that some of us may have dealt with in the past. Please share some of your examples on LinkedIn to help us all avoid some of these pitfalls in the future.

1) Auto renewal options for billing really tick off a lot of people
2) Try now and pay later scenarios, make people feel duped
3) Overselling the benefits of the service or product creates an expectation value that can’t be met
4) Failure to establish your analytics strategy in advance will leave you vulnerable to maintaining optimal service levels
5) Pre launch assumptions are not adjusted for scale and complexity associated with growth and administration
6) No one was brave enough to say “hey, this product sucks” during the formative stages
7) Your service team does not understand or buy into the benefits of the product or service
8) Poor pricing structure
9) Failure to understand consumer cultural and demographic proclivities
10)Lack of innovation

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