Afraid of Risks? Dig Some Holes

I have met many people who are so afraid to take chances that they simply surround themselves with holes.  In essence, they create pockets of escape that allows them to keep a safe distance away from real challenges in the workplace.  Maybe there are legitimate reasons why people dig holes; maybe some people want to hide; maybe some want you to fall into the hole and go away; and yet there are others who have become so good at digging holes that it’s a full time job.

There are lots of ways to deal with hole diggers but my favorite has always been to simply do their job when they are afraid to step up.  Yes I know, that doesn’t help the organization in the long term but it absolutely helps me execute on what I need to do.  If you want to come along for the ride then get behind me because I am charging up the hill and I won’t be falling into any holes and hopefully you will learn from the experience.

To my friends who are just starting out, don’t be so afraid to be creative  in taking chances on new approaches to old challenges.  Of course you have to actually do the job that you were assigned but that doesn’t mean that you can’t extend.   If I can do something that improves my results by purchasing software or books on my own dime, why not go for it?   Don’t sit around waiting for the company to send you to training or pay for a piece of new software that will make your analytics and reports shine.  That’s how hole digging starts.   Waiting for others to help you with things that you can do yourself.

Never run away from work, run towards it and in doing so, I promise that you will grow exponentially in terms of confidence and capability.

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