A Long Way Back Home

It has been awhile since I left the bloggers sphere and a lot has happened in the last few years including the impact of watching my mom and wife fight battles against cancer.  I lost my mom and I am fighting my way back but it has been hard.   I was running two blogs.  One that covered my professional experiences and one that spoke to my heart and soul through poetry, song lyrics and short stories.  I will be publishing and running both in the near future.

I like to write but everything stopped when my knees buckled under the enormity of my situation.  Take this as a sign that I am getting stronger.  I hope I can entertain, educate and provoke you on topics ranging from workplace discrimination to love and romance.  Some of these stories will be about me and some will seem like they are about you and if that is the case, then I am doing something right.   Give me a minute to get warmed up and in the meantime feel free to read dozens of articles that were written previously during the heyday of my blogs.    Enjoy http://www.streetsmartbizsense.com

Thank You



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