It Is What It Once Was

She sits in judgement slinging arrows like they are missiles sitting from a mountain top that’s indefensible, taking a position that’s not winnable, even her pretty face is no longer kissable.

Now don’t let this good guy shit fool ya, I ground my teeth in a places that wouldn’t be cool to ya. Nah you probably don’t wanna go that way, ain’t no return from places with dead ends, actually, you in places right now where our end begins.

You cannot reconcile irreconcilability when you think its about not losing, don’t make me start recording all the shit you did in my daily musings, don’t make me start getting all caught up in my feelings, don’t make me go to places where there is no healing, don’t make me write about who I’m really feeling.

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness and don’t mistake the strength of my love for neediness cause you won’t ever get it like I gave it, you won’t ever feel it like I shaped it and you won’t ever know love like I made it.
Gary L. Garris

Categories: Motivational